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2505 Anthem Village Drive Suite E-130
Henderson, Nevada

Sara Raney

Luxury Travel by Sara
Henderson, Nevada
Today's traveler wants to feel safe and to be comfortable while traveling, and to know that there is value to the vacation they're planning. Today's traveler, who has special needs, must have confidence in their advisor that he/she knows how to provide expert advice and assistance to ensure their goals for safety, comfort, and value are met. My specialty is working with travelers with disabilities and/or who have special needs. I know how to meet and exceed your expectations. I'm certified by the International Tour Management Institute as a Certified Tour Manager, recognized as an ASTA Verified Travel Advisor, author of "Travel Tips and Trivia for Savvy Travelers," a Special Needs Certified Travel Counselor, and a Licensed Tour Guide. I also know and understand current world-wide customs, cultures, and laws that we will take into account when planning your special itinerary. If we're planning a cruise vacation, I know which ship(s) to recommend depending on your needs. As well, I know which resorts and land destinations will provide the best experiences based on your interests. If you are eager to travel, and require additional assistance, I can help you and would welcome you as a new client. As a world traveler, I have visited almost 140 countries, and my goal is for YOU to experience and enjoy a travel experience that is safe, comfortable, hassle-free and filled with beautiful memories. Let's get started!

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