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601 First Street, Suite B
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Sandi Hanna

Travel & Cruise Desk
Lake Oswego, Oregon
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My love for golf began over 50 years ago - starting as a young child, then continued as I played on school teams in both high school and college, followed by the incredible opportunity to visit and play championship courses throughout the world. Having combined my love for golf with over four decades as an expert travel advisor, I’ve been so fortunate that many of my valued clients are not only avid golfers, but friends. These longtime professional and personal relationships have resulted in excellent referrals to their golfing friends who want professional assistance in planning their own perfect golf itinerary – an itinerary that includes resort accommodations, tee times, dining reservations and of course planned activities for non-golfing spouses or partners.

Needless to say, with my expertise and experience, I will look forward to sharing with you important tips – such as knowing that certain golf clubs have a maximum handicap requirement to play their course. Also, if you don’t plan to play every day at your destination – you might want to consider renting clubs if you’re flying, and bring a golf shoe that you can wear around town. I’m eager to work with you and plan your upcoming golf adventure. Ready? Let’s tee it up!

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