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Lake Oswego, Oregon

Nathan Parr

Travel & Cruise Desk
Lake Oswego, Oregon
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My first visit to Thailand was in 1994 as a student studying the region's religion and culture. I fell in love with this incredible Asian country and it remains - to this day - one of my favorite destinations in the world. I trust you will soon agree: One of the best reasons to visit Thailand is that it offers its visitors so much, and ensures that you will quickly become immersed in the culture and lifestyle.

Working together, I'll share with you the abundance of quality activities that will appeal to every interest, a variety of accommodations to fit every budget, and the exceptional cuisine and local favorites certain to entice you to return to Thailand very soon! I will explain to you why Thailand is the perfect destination to cut your teeth when first traveling to Asia, as tourism is huge here, and you can look forward to the ease of traveling throughout the country. I am eager to discuss what is most important to you, as we plan your itinerary.

Be assured that not only will you find your travel here rewarding and memorable by what you see, but even more importantly, by what you experience. Thailand showcases a destination defined by culture, religion, art, food, and an overall experience that is so different from our own... it's simply transformative!

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