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Monica Cobetto

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Charlotte, North Carolina
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Working with local South African travel advisors for two years while I was employed with Conservation Corporation Africa, helped to educate, train and prepared me to become a South Africa expert when I returned to the U.S. One of my primary responsibilities was to call on all travel advisors - throughout South Africa - to educate these professionals on our many special Conservation projects, as well as to promote our various lodges. To become knowledgeable, I traveled from one end of the country to the other exploring and learning about not only popular tourist venues but off-the-beaten-path destinations that visitors would want to see to ensure an authentic South African experience.

For example, many travel advisors may not know there are two amazing train routes that you can take you from Pretoria to Cape Town, as well from the Cape Area to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Also, most travelers know Kruger National Park is a prime spot for viewing the Big Five, but most don't know about some other hidden gems. My extensive expertise of this destination, plus working with knowledgeable local industry colleagues who will assist me in planning your special itinerary ensure that I can make your South African adventure an adventure of a lifetime!

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