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Carianne Nicholson

Mann Travels
Charlotte, North Carolina
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If you asked me what one of my most favorite destinations in the entire world is, I'd tell you Turks & Caicos! In fact, a trip to Turks and Caicos was my daughter's graduation gift last year. I chose Turks because it is, and always has been, one of my favorite Caribbean Islands and I wanted her to experience this destination that I really love. And, now I want to share this love and passion with you. My knowledge and personal experiences give me great confidence that I can create and arrange a vacation that will fulfill your every expectation to this amazing Caribbean island. Accommodations run the gamut from hotels and all-inclusive resorts to luxurious private villas. I can recommend dining options ranging from something as simple as dining barefoot on the beach to making arrangements for an upscale experience, under the stars, at a fine island restaurant. Once we start talking and you share with me what you want your vacation to be, I'll start planning. I'll recommend the best place to stay, suggest fun and exciting attractions and sights, as well as recommend incredible options for water sports and relaxation.

And when the sun goes down... the music and fun come up. One special tip: To really feel like a local, don't miss Bright Park where food vendors and entertainers get together every Thursday for the Island Fish Fry and create an evening of "all things TCI"! It's all this and more in the Turks & Caicos - and I can get you there!

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