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6175 Spring Mountain Road, Suite 2B
Las Vegas, Nevada

Bobbi Carlson

Prestige Travel Inc. - Horizon
Las Vegas, Nevada
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I've explored and experienced this magnificent African continent nine times arranging and conducting safaris throughout East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and the Massai Mara, Uganda and Rwanda) and South Africa (Botswana and the Okavango Delta) as well as crafting highly-personalized trips to experience the history and culture of Johannesburg and the naturally-beautiful city of Cape Town. Now, I am eager to share this exhilarating, diverse and life-changing destination with you! I want you, too, to experience and feel the magic and natural beauty of wide-open savannahs, rushing rivers, magnificent wildlife (such as looking directly into the eyes of a Mountain Gorilla,) and learning - first-hand - the culture and lifestyle of the local and very gracious African people. Let's get together and talk about what you want to see, do and experience.

Safari options include traveling by small bush planes from one lodge/campsite to another and taking exciting game drives in Land Rovers where you always have your camera at the ready! Other incredible itineraries may include gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda or visiting Botswana and seeing the wild Meerkats in the Kalahari Desert. I want to know how you want to experience Africa. Options are endless and can range from ultra-luxurious to rustic. Together, we'll make sure you see and do everything you want to see and do. And, please... be sure and ask me about the famed "Singing Wells of the Samburu tribe"! I believe once you set foot on African soil - the land, the wildlife and its people will quickly become part of your soul and will draw you back again and again. Africa has done that to me! I know Africa... and I can get you there!

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