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Rotonda West, Florida

Bob Shaffer

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Rotonda West, Florida
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Group Travel is my expertise. I've handled arrangements for groups as small as four people, or as large as 50-60 guests requiring an escort. With my extensive background working with travel groups to achieve their travel objectives, I specialize in private, small group travel with an emphasis on custom-designed premium and luxury itineraries. Generally, I curate itineraries for private groups ranging from 4-16 travelers who know each other or share a common special interest. Learning as much as possible about your individual group members, their travel interests and special needs is the vital first step to ensure a successful travel experience - one that everyone will enjoy and would want travel together again in the future. I know how important it is for me, as well as the group leader, to promote the proposed itinerary to each participant and to establish a relationship with everyone in the group. I've learned to instill trust and confidence with my clients by providing travel tips and recommendations for restaurants, off-the-beaten path experiences and, most importantly, being available before, during and after the trip to handle questions and to resolve any travel issues. I have first-hand experience having traveled in more than 70 countries throughout the world and personally enjoying some 50 cruises. Now, I look forward to working with you and your affinity and/or extended family group!

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