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Adrienne Sasson

Rubinsohn Travel
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

For over four decades, I've had the incredible opportunity to visit, explore, and enjoy this historic and beautiful country. In fact, I consider Jerusalem my second home. Although not an Israeli citizen, I've spent months at a time visiting family and friends and have come to know Israel truly like a local. I came here to celebrate my wedding and honeymoon. I've brought my children here to spend time with family, to learn Hebrew fluently, and to experience the many unique cultures of this ancient country.

Over the past forty+ years, I've returned to celebrate more weddings, holidays, and with each visit, I learn even more about all there is to see and do. I want to share Israel with you. I want you, too, to become immersed in the historical, spiritual, cultural and recreational aspects of this country. I want to share with you the extreme contrast between walking through the holy sites of Old City Jerusalem, Tiberias and Caesarea and the cosmopolitan seaside city of Tel Aviv - which is literally open 24/7! Together, we will create and implement an itinerary totally customized to what you want to see and do.

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Adrienne planned a great trip for us. She linked us to a guide, who was able to give us the experience that she had planned in addition to his own world, as an Israeli. Adrienne was very sensitive to our needs as well as making our visit to Israel exciting and timely.

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